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The (early) countdown begins to The Festive Season.

How soon is too soon to start thinking about, and counting down to, the end-of-year festive season?  The good news is that we’re officially in the second-last chapter of 2022 and it’s time to look ahead to our end-of-year celebrations.

Why don’t you swap the dark winter days of the northern hemisphere for the Great Plains of the Masai Mara or the breathtaking natural scenery of the Great Rift Valley? Alternatively, an end of year adventure to the pristine wilderness of Mugie Conservancy, Laikipia, or the life changing privilege of seeing Rwanda’s mountain gorillas up close. The festive season is a perfect time for all the family to have a safari adventure.

The endangered reticulated giraffe is one of Mugie’s flagship species.

Governors’ Camp Collection is the ultimate destination for a family vacation, with seven diverse lodges scattered across Kenya and Rwanda.  It is an experience for young and old, who will enjoy interacting with the wildlife, local flora and fauna and connecting with local communities.

We welcome guests of all ages on safari with us, in fact we feel you are never too little to experience your first African safari together with the family.

Multi generational family travel.

Post pandemic, the market for traveling with families – grandparents with their children and grandchildren – grew by 70% in the past year.  Governors’ Camp Collection offers various accommodation solutions, including family suites, wildlife clubs for kids, trained children’s guides, private camps and exclusive use options.

The Family House at Governors’ Mugie House, Laikipia. 

Active eco-tourism.

There has been a substantial shift for eco-conscious guests who are now looking to participate more actively in the preservations of our beautiful planet.  A visit to Governors’ Camp Collection allows all families to get an intimate look at our community and conservation projects that are directly impacting the preservation of the local communities where we operate and the African wilderness.

Mugie Conservancy’s anti-poaching team is headed up by the Mugie bloodhounds and their handlers. Visit the headquarters to learn about the work they do, and experience the power of their keen scenting skills with a tracking demonstration.

They are also able to learn about the importance of sustainable practices and see how our dedicated teams protect, maintain and enhance the land and its environment.

Guests are encouraged to be part of our tree planting program at each of our properties.

Total immersion.

Families looking for a complete experience are able to embrace the outdoors and connect directly with nature.  Children’s activities, visits to local community programs or take a walking safari, while the very popular hot air balloon safari over the river, plains and forests of the Masai Mara opens up a whole new world to all.

Governors’ Balloon Safaris offers the best flight path in the Masai Mara as you float over the rivers, forests and plains of the reserve.

Family Comfort.

Governors’ Camp Collection offers perfect family accommodation at multiple locations, including Loldia House, a converted farm house on the shores of Lake Naivasha or in luxury cottages which offer spectacular views over Mugie Conservancy at Governors’ Mugie House, and Private Camp, an entire private-use camp set up on the plains of the Masai Mara.

Our younger guests admiring the view of Lake Naivasha with our guide at Loldia House, Great Rift Valley.

They say once you have stepped on African soil, you are bound to return – again, and again. The untamed wilderness and magnificent wildlife is a truly life changing experience no matter one’s age.  A safari makes for an unforgettable family holiday, with exhilarating activities for the entire family to enjoy, memories made together that will last a lifetime and opportunities to learn and grow together.

The Great Rift Valley forms some of Kenya’s most iconic landscape features.

You can check availability of all our lodges and camps online or contact our reservations team to find out more about an East Africa safari with Governors’ Camp Collection.



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