Tree Planting Programs


The Masai Mara

Elephants in their constant search for food knock down trees, it’s just something that they do….Often they will strip and eat a few branches of vegetation and then leave the rest of the tree to die. Over the years we have seen the riverine forest decline and shrink drastically. In an attempt to reverse this trend we have initiated a tree planting exercise in our Masai Mara camps. We have planted thousands of trees throughout our campgrounds. We have also  given over 500 trees to local schools, as well as 800 trees to other camps and individuals.

We only plant indigenous trees, including sausage trees (Kigelia africana), gardenias (Gardenia ternifolia), wild figs (Ficus thonningii), East-African greenhearts (Warburgia ugandensis), broad-leaved crotons (Croton macrostachyus), quinine trees (Rauvolfia caffra) and many others.

We also support the Eburru Rafiki Forest Community Group in their tree planting efforts that focus on the Mau Eburu Forest. This is a critical mountain bongo habitat located on the mountainous hills above our Lake Naivasha property, Loldia House.

In Rwanda we have also carried out extensive re-planting work in and around our lodge. We are already seeing the positive effects of this work as some of the native wildlife returns into our lodge grounds.