We know that surrounding communities must benefit directly from wildlife tourism if we are to succeed in our conservation goals.

For over 50 years, Governors’ Camp Collection has been working hand in hand with its community neighbours and local conservation organisations in order to protect the unique wild areas and the species that flourish within them in our diverse areas of operation. In many cases, we are now working with the sons and daughters of community elders that we began working with all those years ago.  Whenever we support and/or fund research projects, we do so for those that have an applied conservation angle. i.e. where there is a known conservation threat, and the research is designed to get a better understanding of the threat and help develop strategies to mitigate it.

Governors’ Camp Collection is extremely proud of its achievements thus far, and we are excited for the many community empowerment and wildlife conservation opportunities that lie ahead of us. Together with our guests and partners we know that we can make life-changing differences for the better. This portion of our website gives you just a flavour of some of the work that we are doing; we would welcome your support!


Mugie Primary School
Packing for a difference
Karen Street Children’s Trust
Loldia Primary School
Mugie Bloodhounds
Lion Landscapes
Mugie Cattle Program
The Rhino Ark / Calgary Zoo Mountain Forest Conservation Partnership
The Mara Elephant Project
The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust
Eburru Rafiki
Mara Predator Conservation Program