Lion Landscapes

This organisation aims to use data to help foster coexistence between lions and people.

Lions pose a major conservation challenge due the conflicts that arise from the killing of livestock. A population of fifty lions live on Mugie Conservancy. In order to reduce and prevent the predation of livestock, four females (Sarabi, Esmi, Gaby and Walimu) from four different prides and one male (Mfalme) have been fitted with GPS-collars in partnership with Lion Landscapes, The Kenya Wildlife Service and The Wildlife Training Institute. The specialised GPS collars allow the Conservation Team to follow the pride movements and prevent incidents from happening by making the herders/community aware of the presence of lions in their specific areas.

The collars also allow the Conservation Team to better understand the movements of the prides inside the Conservancy and the overlapping of the territories. All the monitoring, tracking and analysis is done through EarthRanger.

Our guests at Governors’ Mugie are encouraged to head out with their guide to try and locate the collared lions using our radio tracking equipment. A visit to the Mugie Conservancy HQ allows guests to better understand how the use of 21st century technology is helping to foster coexistence between predators and people.