Mugie Cattle Program

Working with local communities is key to ensuring the future of wildlife in East Africa.

Mugie is working hard to make the local community become more invested in Mugie, rangeland management and conservation as a tool to drive sustainable development.

Community Cattle Program: The Mugie Trading Stock is a resource-sharing, livestock-to-market program. Local herders benefit from a holistic grazing system, and increase the value of their cattle before sale. Their cattle improve in health and condition, gaining weight in a way that is not harmful, but instead is helpful to the wildlife and rangelands that Mugie safeguards. They become invested in the future of Mugie, and its conservation efforts. Rotational grazing and holistic management can restore grasslands, which can lead to carbon sequestration, drought resilience, food security, and financially viable communities.

Breeding Program: Mugie is always striving to work closely with the community to improve their stock quality through better bull genetics and Artificial Insemination services should they be required.

The Dry Season Grazing Program: Allows neighbouring communities to access defined grazing blocks within the conservancy during drought periods. This ensures that community cattle have access to resources such as grass and water in order to survive until the next rain season. The program at the same time promotes an holistic and well planned grazing approach that helps reduce land degradation and further loss of resources.

The Mugie SACCO: Was created in order to allow community members that cannot afford a head of cattle, to buy a share in one, thus providing economic opportunity for people of the highest need. The SACCO was started at the beginning of 2019 to help individuals build wealth, provide economic education, and enable an avenue of financial investment and saving.