Resident photographers

For 2023, Governors’ Camp Collection is hosting two amazing wildlife photographers; Felix Rome and Nick Penny.



We have lined up two excellent wildlife photographers for 2023; Felix Rome and Nick Penny will be covering different stints throughout the year, mostly based at our Mara camps. They are onsite to lend our guests a helping hand with their camera and offer top tips on capturing the very best of your safari.

Photo safaris: Our photographers can join guests on game drives, providing personal focus and in-depth assistance with both landscape and wildlife photography. The cost is $250 per day with the photographer plus $400 per day for an exclusive use vehicle, unless the number in your group already secures the use of a private car. If the photographer needs to relocate from his current base (which is generally the Mara), and requires dedicated transport to get him to another location, then these transfer rates will be at the direct cost of the client.


Before heading out on the first game drive, our photographer will meet with you in camp and go over any questions that you may have, about your equipment or upcoming experience, to ensure that that your time out in the field is maximised.

After each game drive, there will be an image review and photo editing session, to making sure you go home with a collection of images that you are truly proud of. Alternatively, our photographers can be booked to simply take all the images and edit them for you, meaning that you can sit back and enjoy the sightings first hand.

If you would like to book a couple of days with either of our photographers, to ensure that you make the most of your time on safari, please contact us for more information.