The Marsh Pride of Lions


The Masai Mara

The Marsh Pride of Lions are perhaps one of the most famous prides in the world, thanks to wildlife series like BBC Earth’s Dynasties and Animal Planet’s Big Cat Tales, which has chronicled the lives of its members for many decades.

The core pride resides in the Musiara Marsh for most of year and our guides and guests have enjoyed the ever changing dynamics unfold over the years. There are currently three adult females namely Dada, Kito, and Lola as well as three subs (one male and two younger females) plus one small female cub that belongs to Lola. Another female, Kaleo, remains on the outskirts of this pride, she is the daughter of the late Kabibi.

A ‘breakaway’ group consists of lioness Yaya and her two grand cubs Simba and Pamoja mibili.

‘Halftail’ is the current dominant male, he lost his coalition companion Logol in October 2022 and it’s now up to Halftail to defend this pride and their territory.

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