Loldia House

September at Loldia House 2017

Over the last month Lodia has received a lot of unseasonal rain in the afternoons, this has meant that a lot of guest’s have been unable to do any afternoon activities but they have all said how wonderful it has been to be able to unwind, relax and really enjoy the tranquility and peace of Loldia. Guest’s have also been sitting in the sitting room with a fire and playing Bridge.

tea time
Teatime at Loldia, courtesy of Alisa Bowen
A couple of guest’s did a day trip up to the Aberdare Mountain Range which they enjoyed, they saw leopard and elephant as well as all the interesting alpine fauna and flora. 
We have also been doing lots of day trips to Lake Nakuru National Park via Lake Elementaita. There are lots of flamingoes on Lake Elementaita and which is always lovely to see and there have been great sightings of rhino (both black and white) and lions who more often than not are up in the trees. 
Photo courtesy of Loldia guide Juma
On the lakeshore the Cormorants are nesting and there are lots of pelicans about as well. Loldia manged to get a special fishing licence for one guest who went out fishing.  He was quite successful but as the law states fishing can only be done 100 metres from the Papyrus but he did well despite the fact there aren’t many fish out there!!
Great White Pelicans, courtesy of Alisa Bowen 
The Night Game drives are still proving a success with sightings of porcupines, hyena stalking buffalo, Bat Earred Foxes, hippos, mongooses, aardvarks and Spring Hares.

There are 6 new giraffes who have been staying close to the airstrip and there were a large pack of hyena with a kill close to the airstrip as well. 
The  unseasonal rain has done wonders to the garden and the birds have been just fabulous. We have had lots of Variable and Bronze Sunbirds in the gardens, Village and Black Headed Weavers nesting all around the house. The juvenile fisheagles have left their nests but they are still around in the gardens and a pair of cormorants are busy building their nests near number 10. We have also had plenty of impala and waterbuck grazing in front of the house. More of the rock face behind the two cottages has been cleared,  25 more Bougainvillea have been planted. In time it should look quite spectacular. 

Heather Wallington, Loldia House Manager. 


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