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March at Sabyinyo 2017

Rwanda is not just ‘All about Gorillas’. Although they steal the show with their extraordinary behaviour and our fascination with them is enduring. Rwanda a compelling country and has so much more to offer which is largely unpublicised. With a population of 12 million it’s the most densely populated nation in Africa and yet offers some of the most spectacular and stunning wilderness areas you will find.


The world-famous Volcanos National Park, home of the mountain Gorillas, is rivalled only by the multitude of other Parks in Rwanda such as Akagera which offers, in outrageously beautiful surrounds, all the plains game of Africa unspoiled by multitudinous guests. Nyungwe a tropical forest of astounding beauty and home to the wild chimpanzees or Gishwati-Mukura, a forest a rolling hills cape of recovering timberland seemingly untouched by human hands.

But there is plenty more and an excursion to Dianne Fossey’s friend and mentors homestead at Imbabazi close to the border of Congo offers a welcome cup of Rwanda tea and the sweet smell of lavender and a riot of tropical and subtropical shrubs and flowering perennials more reminiscent of an English summer garden than the centre of Africa!


Gisenye on the shores of Lake Kivu is the Riviera of Rwanda. Gracious homes with palm trees and sandy beaches a few scant kilometres from the Bamboo and tropical forests are incongruous and slightly bizarre!

lakes rwanda

Glorious tea plantations, mouth-wateringly good coffee and a multitude of fruit and vegetables provide the basis to excellent cuisine which varies from ‘fine dining’ in the restaurants of Kigali’s international hotels to the side of the road grilled meats and chips at Nyirangarama where one can also find Rwanda’s own very special and shatteringly fiery chilli oil..Akabanga…beware!

So, don’t rush by and just “do” the gorillas but tarry a little and explore this captivating little country that is described as the Switzerland of Africa.

Back at the lodge new managers Phil and Charlie have been busy putting their stamp on the lodge and finishing the work on the kitchens, which was completed just in time for the arrival of our next guests. 



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