Loldia House

March at Loldia House 2018

Loldia has been very very wet this month. The farm, garden and surrounds look lovely and green. With the rain and the grass lots of young animals have been born
Two seperate guest’s have been on night game drives and have sighted a leopard. We presume it is the same one at each sighting. Also on night game drives Aardvark have been seen – again we presume it is the same one and lots of other nocturnal animals have been seen too.
The team has been hard at work on the new jetty which has just been completed beside the old pump house. This has proved to be very popular for sundowners and will enable us to launch our boat with greater ease for boat trips on Lake Naivasha. 
Jetty lake naivasha
Jetty lake naivasha
Photos courtesy of Thor Karstad
With all the rain and tremendous winds two beautiful Acacia have fallen in the garden. The first one by the gate was pretty rotten but was home to a family of mice -which we managed to put back into the trunk (their home) also lizards, skinks, Blue Head Agama and a host of scorpions – not so popular.   A new Aloe garden has been planted where it fell and did quite a lot of damage. The other tree that has fallen was in front of room numbers 10 & 11  it was a huge tree and sad for the Fish Eagles as they did like perching on it.
March has been much busier than expected and as usual we have had plenty of interesting guests staying. 
Guest’s are still going to Lake Nakuru via Lake Elementaita where there are more Flamingo’s at the moment. Lake Elementaita is very spectacular! There are currently plenty of Flamingo on the highway side of the lake, and hundreds of different species of birds. The views over the lake onto Soysambu are breathtaking. We really encourage guests to leave Loldia at 6 a.m. so you can take advantage of the good light and calm waters. Its the perfect halfway spot to Lake Nakuru for a picnic breakfast. It takes about an hour from Loldia to get there. At Lake Nakuru National Park our guests have enjoyed seeing the Rhino, the Rothchild Giraffe and on several occasions lion. Guest’s are also enjoying their walks on Crescent Island. 

Lake elementaita
Photo courtesy of Thor Karstad
While in Naivasha our driver guides saw a family of Spotted Eagle Owls that were having their habitat destroyed so they contacted the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust here in Naivasha which is a rescue centre for all birds.  The owls were Good news were collected and have been taken to the sanctuary and are all doing well. 
Loldia wishes everyone a very Happy Easter – Loldia has lots of Guest’s over Easter.

Heather Wallington, Loldia House Manager. 


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