Masai Mara

Little Governors Camp goes Solar!

In a bid to further reduce our environmental impact we have just installed a big solar system at Little Governors Camp which we just switched on and Little Governors Camp is now running on 100% Solar energy.
A large bank of solar panels has been installed on the staff camp roofs which provides electricity to the whole camp, both front of house and back of house operations, including the staff areas, kitchen, laundry and guest areas. 
solar little governors camp    solar energy   
In addition all the water is now heated by solar water heaters and each tent has its own solar water heater installed at the back of the tent supplying hot water to each tent. 
 solar energy  
There is a large carbon counter installed at reception which will show all the carbon saved from running the solar systems and we will be keeping a close eye on this and documenting our total camp carbon savings! 


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