Loldia House

Loldia House ~ July 2018

July has been a beautiful month as always, at Loldia, although cold and the wind off the lake has been very strong. Guest’s have been enjoying lake trips out on the boat – while they are out the Fish Eagles are fed which is a wonderful sight to see.

Photo credit Gary Hopcraft

On the ranch a large herd of buffalo with calves has been grazing up by the airstrip. With the lake levels still very high, a lovely pond has formed in front of the house, where nine hippo have taken up residence and guests have been watching them wallow while enjoying lunch. Some lucky guests on a night game drive spotted a big pack of hyena feeding on an impala kill.

Photo credit Gary Hopcraft

There have also been some exciting birding moments this month; the Golden-winged sunbirds normally only found in the Eburu Forest above us, have come down to Loldia where temperatures are a little warmer than the slopes of Mount Eburu. Many Fish Eagles have been calling and flying around the house, they snatched one of three Hadada Ibis chicks right out of its nest close to our kitchens. There is a Hamerkop building one of their trademark large, messy nests in the same tree – we hope its chicks will fare better. One night our night guards (askaris) heard a commotion coming from another Hamerkop nest, when they shone their torches, they discovered a large Barn Owl trying to make off with one of the chicks. Their torch light scared the owl away and the Hamerkop chicks lived to see another day.


Photo credit Gary Hopcraft

All the driver’s and I spent a day at Soysambu – a conservancy between Loldia and Lake Nakuru. It was such a lovely day out that plans are being made for guest’s from Loldia to go and spend the day there. Guests who are spending more than two nights are still enjoying the walk on Crescent Island. The sightings of Flamingo on Lake Elementaita are spectacular – so many birds and also a lot of other water birds. It is also a lovely walk along the shore. Nakuru trips are still a success with lots of rhino and lion sightings, and occasionaly the ever-elusive leopard.


Photo credit Gary Hopcraft

We have welcomed guests from all corners of the world this month, including a number of honeymoon couples – it always nice to host such diverse and interesting guests. Looking forward to what promises to be a very busy high season.

Heather Wallington, Loldia House manager.



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