Loldia House

January at Loldia House 2017

January on the whole has been quite busy with guest’s doing night game drives and going to Lake Nakuru National Park early in the morning with picnic breakfasts and picnic lunches. Guests have been leaving early in the morning  which seems to work really well as it is hot and dry at the moment and all the animals are asleep under the trees by midday or soon after. This plan seems to be working well as guest’s get back here in time for tea and a rest so it does not feel that it is such a long day.

On Loldia Ranch the four male giraffes have been hanging out close to the house we think they walked here along the lake shore and finding plenty to browse on ever since have stayed. Night game drives have revealed Bush Pig, Aardvark, Genet Cat, Porcupine and the usual Jumping Hares, Bat Earred Foxes, Hyena, Buffalo and Hippo who have a tiny calf amongst them. 

The birding has been great with some flamingoes on Lake Ol Oldian, Cormorants, Pelicans, Superb Starlings, a pair of Fish Eagles are nesting between room 10 and 11, we have seen White Storks and Abdim Storks and Eurasian Bee eaters. A pair of Pearl Spotted Owlets was seen perched on a tree on the way back from the airstrip, this was a lucky sighting as they are a nocturnal species.

 Pearl Spotted Owlet
There was very nearly a near disaster at Loldia – Scotty our house dog out for his evening walk flushed out a family of Warthogs from a bush – quite unintentionally.   The male Warthog defending his family whacked Scotty in the shoulder.   Thankfully there is only a large puncture wound which is healing slowing but surely.   It could have been so much worse.    He is not the happiest ‘bunny’ at the moment as he has a bucket on his head to stop him licking the wound.   Poor Scotty!!
Fishing from the pond in front of the house has been a great success – one Guest caught 2 really big Tilapia – the Staff were delighted.

Heather Wallington, Loldia House. 


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