Loldia House

January at Loldia House 2018

Exciting things are a foot for Loldia this year. In line with the refurbishments we have carried out on all our other properties Loldia is next up and we are planning a big lodge redecorating project with the same design team who just did our total lodge refurbishment at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. We are very excited about whats to come, the designers have already begun work sourcing the new soft furnishings and working on the new look and some exciting new add ons. We expect to have everything completed by the end of June, so watch this space! 
We are also hard at work developing new activities for our guests and project manager Thor has been exploring the Eburu Forest which borders Loldia Ranch. Eburu is an indigenous forest area, part of the larger Mau forest block and a vital water tower for Kenya, it is also home to the highly endangered Bongo as well as a multitude of wonderful birdlife, monkeys galore including the distinctive colobus monkey, buffalo, duiker, bushbuck, forest hog, bush pigs, Genet cats and leopard. So there is plenty to see in this lush forest ecosystem. Every guest who enters the forest plays a role in its conservation and we want to explore how Loldia House and our guests can support the important work of preserving this important habitat. The rangers have tapped the geothermal steam vents to catch water for the resident wildlife and this month we plan to set up camera traps to see if we can catch a glimpse of one of the elusive and highly endangered Bongo which call the forest home and look for possible hide sites to try and see the Bongo. Thor has been marking out trails for drives and looking for ways for our guests to explore this fascintaing and vital forest water shed. 

Back on Loldia Ranch the beginning of the year was very busy with guests arriving from all over the world. January is peak summer in East Africa so the days have been very warm and dry and we have begun to put hay and salt down infront of the house to supplement the wildlife’s food. This month a baby giraffe was born to the resident ranch giraffe which was very exciting.  
We have been doing lots of night game drives on the ranch and two guest’s went a night game drive and saw the most beautiful male leopard.  We have lots of leopard on Loldia ranch but we havent had a signting in a while so this was great and other guest’s have had lovely Aardvark sightings together with all our usual creatures of the night. 

photo courtesy of Gary Hopcraft
Guest’s have been heading to Lake Nakuru for day trips where there are a number of flamingo and they have had amazing sightings of Rhino (11 in one day), lion (2 prides in one day) and many Rothchild Giraffes.
flamingoes lake nakuru
Photo courtesy of Dave Richards 
Our guests have also been enjoying the Ol Karia thermal spa, this is a huge natural spa with a large geothermal pool. The minerals in the water have a balneological effect on the skin and its a nice way to end a walk in Hells Gate National Park. 
In keeping with our efforts to reduce our waste Loldia now also has refillable containers for our guests shampoo’s, body washes and body lotions all made by the company Cinnabar green who grow an source all their ingredients for their products very ethically and sustainably. We have also made a dontation to the Loldia school of 421 shower gels, 324 shampoos and 277 body lotions which the children were delighted with. 
Photo courtesy of Alisa Bowen 
We have also completed our road map to Loldia which includes attractions around the lake so if you are a resident guest and planning to come and stay with us, please request this from our head office. 
Heather Wallington, Manager Loldia House 


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