Mugie E-bike adventure

Explore Mugie’s spectacular landscape and unique wildlife by venturing out on a sustainably powered electric mountain bike with your safari guide.




E-biking on Mugie Conservancy is a great opportunity to embark on an eco-friendly adventure along a stunningly scenic route, with plenty of close-up wildlife encounters along the way.

We suggest heading out early morning or late afternoon while the day is still relatively cool and the game is more likely to be out in the open. Expect a variety of animals such as zebras, giraffes, oryxes, buffalos, warthogs, elephants, impalas, hyenas, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles, to stare curiously as you cruise by.

How do electric bikes work? Simply start peddling to kick start a motor that gives consistent electrical energy to the bike. You can literally pedal at your own pace and with ease, feeling completely relaxed with your guide for company and a support car that drives a little distance a head for safety.

Guests must be 12 years+ for this activity and groups are limited to four people at a time. There is no need to book this activity in advance, nor is there any extra charge.