Canoeing on Mugie Dam

This is one of Governors’ Mugie signature experiences, offering a totally unique perspective of viewing wildlife from the water.

Mugie Dam is Kenya’s third largest private dam with 156 acres of surface area to explore. The dam welcomes a variety of game which comes to drink or graze along the shore – especially elephants that are partial to a playful dip in its refreshing waters.

Governors’ Mugie has four beautiful Canadian canoes which guests can enjoy during an early morning’s entertainment. Canoeing on the dam offers a thrilling opportunity to view wildlife from the water, out in the open air, armed with the spirit of adventure.

If a family of elephants happens to be bathing at the same time, rest assured that you have just witnessed one of life’s most enchanting adventures. Please note that for safety reasons, participants must be 12 years and older for the canoeing excursion.