Single Mothers Sewing Project

We support over ninety single mothers living in the Kinigi region of Rwanda through a community sewing project.

As in many nations the rural population in Rwanda is somewhat conservative and old fashioned. Children born out of wedlock are scorned and their mothers (not the fathers) are rejected by their parents and evicted from the family home. This leads, obviously, to hardship and extreme poverty which in turn means the rejected girls turn to prostitution as a form of survival and inevitably to further children. A downward spiral that is hard to reverse.

With the help of Emanuele, a Rwandan guide for the RDB and Margot Ragett a guest of Sabyinyo (author of the Remembering Wildlife series) and long time supporter of our projects, we were happy to facilitate the establishment of the Turengerubuzima Sewing Centre and provide the girls with alternative paths in life.

The young ladies and girls are welcomed to this project, where they have been given the opportunity to train to become seamstresses and regain self-esteem with a profession and the chance to earn their own livings. While doing this they learn to make reusable face masks, nappies and sanitary pads as well as articles of clothing. Their small income gives them hope for a brighter future.

We now have over 90 young ladies who use the facility on a rotational basis. Each day they receive a hot lunch and can enjoy the company of other single mothers who are facing many of the same challenges as themselves. They are able to bring their young children to work with them too since many do not have the family support needed to leave a child at home and they cannot afford any kind of day care.

We try our best to raise funds for the lunches, sewing materials, security, wages for the instructor, electricity and rent for the premises. We are proud of the ladies achievements and enormously grateful for the assistance we have received from so many generous donors. If you would like to make a donation towards this project we would be so grateful.