Mfangano Island Camp

August at Mfangano Island Camp 2017

August is typically our busiest month and this year has been no exception, loads of happy new faces soaking up the best of this peaceful paradise. Guests visited both the Mawanga and Kakrigu which are thriving as well at the incredible Birds Island, Sacred Island, The historical Mawanga cave paintings, mountain biking, village walks, feeding the Fish Eagles and of course the phenomenal sunsets and good old fashioned relaxation.

mfangano island camp

Talking of relaxation we now have four new hammocks!

Talking to local fishermen we have heard stories of two waterfalls on the island with large pools so are off to investigate in the next few days and hopefully have some new adventures for our visitors.

Kenya has now banned the sale, manufacture and use of plastic bags. We wish the government all the best in this sorely needed initiative. We have been using 500ml plastic water bottles which were our primary waste, but this has now been almost completely eliminated as we are now able to purchase reusable 20ltr bottles from the mainland and have recycled wine bottles for the guest rooms.

We also completed a week long permaculture course with five students from the Nyakweri primary school and four from the Kakrigu primary school. The course was a great success and something we would really like to do more of.


The students covered

  • The ethics and history of permaculture
  • The importance of sustainability
  • Composting
  • Mulching
  • Vermiculture (worm farms)
  • Aquaponics
  • Aquaculture (This involved a visit to the commercial Tilapia farm on the Island, digging a new pond at camp and separating our maturing male and female Tilapia)
  • No till farming
  • Grafting fruit trees
  • Sack gardens
  • Space saving techniques
  • Establishing a kitchen garden
  • Tree planting
  • Natural pest control

They also planted 10 Mango and 15 Moringa trees on our Sena plot and sewed a sack garden to be made up at each of the schools.

At the end of the course each student was given a certificate and their own Moringa tree. 


Miles Macdonald, Mfangano Island Camp Manager. 



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