Loldia House

August at Loldia House 2017

 The whole country is very relieved and proud that the General Elections went smoothly with very little disturbances.   Loldia was a full house over that period and did not encounter any hostilities – in fact all the guest’s commented that whoever they passed looked very cheerful and waved.  There have been a fair few guest’s from all over the world; it has been a very multinational month.
It has been very cold so we’ve been lighting the fires in the cottages to keep everyone cosy and thankfully it is now the end of August so the weather will be getting a bit warmer, with two wonderful months, September and October ahead of us.
loldia house
Photo courtesy of Gary Hopcraft
There was a very big storm of rain in July which did wonders for the farm. Two guest’s were incredibly lucky on their way to Lake Ol Odien, mid afternoon, a leopard wandered past their car and sat for all the obligatory photographs!!!  Guest’s are still enjoying going to Lake Nakuru where they have had very good sighting of rhino.   On their way there they pass by Lake Elementaita where they see a number of flamingo and are able to walk along the lake shore. Guest’s are also enjoying the walks on Crescent Island and the boat trips on Lake Ol Odien where the bird life, espcially the water birds are phenomenal. We have had great sightings of fish eagles, king fishers, cormorants, pelicans, grey herons, jacanas and especially touching are all the egyptian geese and their tiny goslings swimming in the shallows! 
boat trip lake naivasha
fish eagle lake naivasha
egyptian goose
Photos courtesy of Justin Grammaticas
I am happy to report that Scotty is much better, he was really quite ill with tick fever, but is all over that now. He is getting on a bit and a bit lame and arthritic, but he still loves going in the car for whatever reason and enjoys short walks. The two cats are well. Sad news, the little orphan hippo that we were feeding did not survive, we had hoped that the rain storm and the subsequent grass growth would also help her but sadly she didnt make it.
Our guests have enjoyed some lovely night game drives on the ranch, we have had lots of sightings of aardvark, hyena, skunks, porcupines, Spring Hares and Bat Eared Foxes. We now have eight giraffe who come to graze regularly around the dam, which is just a lovely sight to see. 
Photos courtesy of Gary Hopcraft
Loldia is an accessible two hours by road from Nairobi and the perfect weekend getaway for Nairobi residents or with direct flights to the Masai Mara its the perfect place to begin your Kenya safari. We hope to welcome you here soon. 
Heather Wallington, Loldia House Manager. 


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