Loldia House

April at Loldia House 2018

Loldia has had a lot of rain in April, the farm is looking wonderful, very very green with plenty of grazing grass. There has also been a large number of young animals being born which is such a pleasure to see.
loldia house
Photo courtesy of Niels Van Gijn
The lake level has risen dramatically, the new deck that was built at the beginning of March is very nearly under water, about six inches to go and the way it is continuing to rain it could easily be submerged.  We will keep a watchful eye on it and hope the lake recedes a bit so we can continue our ever popular lakeside sundowners. As the lake is coming up there are ponds of water this side of the papyrus that the water birds are loving they now have their own private ‘swimming pools’!! 
All the Loldia cars are looking really smart as they have all been re-painted. 
In the middle of the month the House was taken up by a group of Nuffield Scholars who are always very interesting guests to have to stay as they have travelled far and wide and are involved in various farming/scientific projects around the country. 
Our guests have had lots of early morning boat trips along the lake shore. They have enjoyed seeing the variety of birds and the Fish Eagle being fed.
boat trips lake naivasha
Photo courtesy of Niels van Gijn
On Tuesday, the Eburu Rafiki group organised a tree planting session to put in place 1000 seedlings covering 1.5 acres in the Eburu forest. All of the 1000 seedlings were donated by Governors Camp/Loldia house and included two species of indigenous hardwood tree – The Podocarpus (Yellow Wood evergreen) and the Albezia Gummifera (Peacock Flower). These trees were chosen as they habituate well to the steep valleys where the site was situated, and the local fauna such as the reed buck and duiker dont eat the seedlings – giving them a good chance to mature.
 tree planting
Photos courtesy of Thor Karstad
Before the Eburu forest was fenced by the Rhino Ark roughly two years ago, illegal loggers and charcoal burners had decimated the site, cutting down all the hardwoods through slash and burn. Slowly but surely, with the help of NGO’s, the private sector and the Eburu Rafiki group, we hope to rejuvenate these areas: restoring this precious, important water tower that is the Eburu to its former glory.
Heather Wallington, Manager Loldia House.


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