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Migration update: Mid July 2019

I took an early drive to the Kenya Tanzania border this morning, 9th July 2019. At 6.40 am this morning a pastel dawn opened the curtain to a new day, starting with a cool temperature of 15°C.

A new day opening in the Masai Mara, 9th July – photo credit Patrick Reynolds

Reports coming from the Sand River areas on the border with Kenya and Tanzania, say there are some large herds scattered across the western areas of Possee Plains, and the south Olmisingiyoi and Meta plains. Some guides have said that a mere 1,400 wildebeest have crossed into the southern Reserve via the Sand River, above the Sand River gate late last week. The long grass areas beyond the observation hill are still vacant of wildebeest and zebra.

Wildebeest on north Burrangat Plains – photo credit Patrick Reynolds

The west and central Posse Plains are short and empty – although some large herds of Topi could be seen on the burnt out areas of the Burangat. More wildebeest have been reported being seen who are slowly moving up from the northern corridor towards the Kenya and Tanzania borders along the Sand River. Our guests are taking long game drives to the southern areas of the Mara Reserve and the Sand River area, in hope of catching any crossings.

Large herds of zebra are being still being seen on the southern plains and a few scattered herds could be seen south of the Talek River. A large herd of Masai Giraffe were seen browsing in the southern areas of the Ol Keju Ronkai depression.

Masai Giraffe East of Possee Plains – photo credit Patrick Reynolds

The five male cheetah coalition had killed a Thomson gazelle near the laterite soil areas of the lower Burangat Plains.

Early last week on the 2nd July, two male resident crocodiles had killed a young hippo calf close by to Il Moran Camp and they were seen fighting over the remains. Many hippo calves are eaten by the resident crocodiles in front of our camps.

Two male crocodiles fighting over a hippo calf – photo credit Patrick Reynolds

On the 12th July we heard reports that large herds of wildebeest crossed the Sand River the night before (11th July) and heavy concentrations of wildebeest can be seen moving into and towards the Posee Plains and Ongata Keju River area.

Migration update and images by Patrick Reynolds, Manager of Governors’ Il Moran Camp.



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