Masai Mara Activities

All the Governors' Camp Collection properties are located inside the Masai Mara National Reserve in the heart of one of the best wildlife viewing areas, which means you won't waste time getting to the action. All our guides are highly trained, enthusiastic experts who know this area of the Masai Mara and its wildlife like their home. We maintain a fleet of custom built 4wd vehicles specifically designed for wildlife viewing in this terrain and we offer a wide variety of activities to explore the Masai Mara National Reserve and its wildlife. “The following excursions are available from all Governors’ Camp properties in the Masai Mara ” Game Viewing in our Custom built 4wd vehicles, Hot Air Balloon Safaris,  Masai Cultural VisitsLake Victoria day tripsGreat Wildebeest Migration,  Spa treatments in Camp, Specialist guiding: ornithology,  Bush Breakfasts, Bush Dinners and Sundowners.

Game Viewing

Governors’ Camp properties combine the best locations in the Masai Mara with the best-designed vehicles and exceptionally highly trained and experienced guides to give our clients un-matched game-viewing and photographic opportunities in the world’s prime wildlife area. We are in the heart of what is widely considered to be the best game viewing area of the Masai Mara Our vehicles are custom built 4 wheel drive landrovers.

Hot Air Ballooning

For those looking for a wildlife viewing adventure of a different kind we offer Hot Air Balloon Safaris over the Masai Mara. The adventure begins just before dawn. Departure is from a perfect natural launch site behind Little Governors’ Camp, flames from the hot air balloon burners light the darkness as the crews inflate their craft. The first, pink tongues of sunlight flicker across the skies as the hot air balloon fills, then rises. Suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow-coloured canopy, you’re off for a wildlife viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. For more information please visit the Governors Balloon Safaris Website

Walking Safari

Leave your vehicle behind and take a walking safari with one of our experienced and qualified naturalists for the true thrill of the bush. Down on the same level as the animals you will experience the untamed beauty of the Mara. Our walking safaris take place in a private concession area adjacent to the Masai MaraGame Reserve, where the scenery differs from inside the Reserve and picturesque acacia trees dot the hilly landscape.

Wildebeest Migration

After the rains when the first flush of grass turns the Masai Mara’s golden savannah green, the most mesmerising wildlife spectacle anywhere takes place here: The Great Wildebeest Migration. Between the months of July and October one and a half million wildebeest, accompanied by vast numbers of zebra and gazelles make the long and dangerous trek from drier lands in Tanzania, northwards to this corner of Kenya.

Masai Cultural Visits

Just outside the Masai Mara National Reserve is a traditional Masai community called Mara Rianda. There is a traditional Masai homestead or Manyatta which consists of 48 traditional houses surrounding a cattle enclosure. We encourage clients to visit this manyatta if they are interested in Masai culture and would like to experience a way of life unchanged for centuries.

Overnight Trips to Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria

Relax, Recharge and get away from it all….Why not add an overnight trip to the beautiful unspoilt Island of Mfangano on Lake Victoria onto your safari? Lapped by the waters of Lake Victoria, shaded by giant fig trees and lost to the world, Mfangano Island Camp is an oasis of tranquility, an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life and creates a perfect relaxing break to any safari. We can arrange flights (only 40 minutes) direct from Masai Mara.