Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge: May 2019

May has been a mixed month at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. Plenty of rain with the occasional cracking day offering stunning views of Mount Sabyinyo. We seem to have gone from low season to high season just over one weekend. The lodge was relatively quiet at the beginning of the month, but not so quiet at the end of the month. We are full! And it is wonderful!

Mount Sabyinyo in all its glory – photo credit Will Fortescue

In the evenings, the resident lounge at the lodge has buzzed with excitement with talk of gorilla and monkey trekking, messages from home, shared stories, some politics (seems a hot topic right now) and most of all, good company!

The gorilla trekking experience – photo credit Will Fortescue

Nicely, the warm and fuzzy feelings created in the lounge have transferred to all areas of the lodge. The conversations continued into the dining room and on many evenings, we had to shift tables in order to join parties together! On one evening the entire lodge decided that they would like to sit together – the staff called it the ‘night of musical chairs’!

Our cosy dining room, where lifelong friendships begin – photo credit Will Fortescue

The friendly atmosphere transferred to the treks too – with some couples asking to trek together. We are hoping that many of the friendships started around the bar at Sabyinyo, will endure for lasting and good times.

One of life’s best wildlife experiences – photo credit Will Fortescue

All the staff of the lodge are hoping, with everything crossed, that one relationship in particular will prosper: one of our guests, Claire, who has just graduated in Natural Sciences, Biodiversity and Conservation was offered a job interview with Nicky (another guest), who works in Conservation Tourism. Wishing you both the best of fortunes Claire and Nicky!!

The highlight of the month though, has to be, without a doubt, the arrival of William Fortescue, from Dorset in England. After spending two months already with the Governors’ Camp Collection of properties in Kenya, at the start of the year, Will has been invited back again for the next four months, to photograph all aspects of the business from the daily on goings of life in the camps and lodges to the incredible wildlife activities on offer. And in the case of Sabyinyo, the gorillas and so much more – especially our cultural visits and community based projects.

Will Fortescue in action – photo credit Michael Hughes

SACOLA dancers, one of the many community based projects we support – photo credit Will Fortescue

Will is also working on our existing ‘Governors Captures’ photographic competition and taking it to the next level! The competition is free to enter, to anybody who has stayed at one of the Governors’ camps or lodges across Kenya and Rwanda, and will offer some amazing prizes – we shall be releasing some more info on this soon.

Not only has Will been exceptionally good company, he has been extremely helpful to many of our guests (nearly all of them) – assisting with photography tips, lessons on camera equipment – and how to get the best out of your wildlife safari. Indeed, Will has been a fountain of good knowledge on anything photography related! So, thank you Will, it has been a real pleasure having you here – you have certainly left an impression upon us all!

On this note I would like to ask you to please follow our Instagram page @sabyinyo_silverback_lodge and our Facebook page @SabyinyoSilverbackLodge where we shall be sharing all of Will’s photos taken with us, over the next while. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words – so please do follow and look out for them!

Murakoze! Thank you

By Michael Hughes, manager at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge



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