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Recycling Project & Energy Efficiency

We have implemented a zero waste policy at our properties which means that all waste is sorted, separated and all recyclable material is then processed for recycling. In addition to this, in order to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels we have introduced a program to use recycled fuel for our hot water systems.  We have recently started a recycling project  in Ongata Rongai, near Nairobi. The project employs 12 disadvantaged youth from the local area and uses all the governors’ waste paper and cardboard to make recycled paper briquettes, which we then buy off the project. The project produces 1.5 tonnes of recycled briquettes per week from 100% recycled materials. These recycled briquettes are used to fire our hot water system at Governors Camp. The project has been so succesful at Governors Camp that we are now rolling it out at our other properties.

Energy Efficiency

Electric power:  All guest tents in the Mara are fitted with an individual inverter battery system.  This charges whilst the generators are on and allows power in the tents 24/7 without having to have the generator on.  

Generators:  We have a replacement program in place replacing older less efficient models with new fuel efficient units.  We have cut consumption at Governors' by approximately 100 litres a day as a result.