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Loldia School Program

Loldia House is located on a ranch in the Great Rift Valley on the shores of Lake Naivasha. The farm had a small simple mud and wattle farm school serving the children of the area. Governors’ Camp Collection was asked to try and help improve the school and its facilities. Peter Njoroge Loldia House’s manager started to introduce guests to the school and inspire them to get involved and help improve the facilities of the school. Together with Peter they formed the Loldia School Fund and set to work to raise funds needed. To date the school has been completely rebuilt, making it one of the best schools in the region. Scholarships have been offered to primary school leavers to attend secondary school, and some of the brighter students have gone on to Universities in Kenya and South Africa. The school also serves the wider community offering evening adult literacy classes and a kindergarten.

The Governors’ Camp Collection supports the work of the Loldia School Fund which is helping provide a standard of education that enables the children attending to better their circumstances and find a way out of the poverty that exists in this area of Kenya. 

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