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Karen Street Children’s Trust

The Karen Street Children’s Trust was established in 1995 with the purpose of rehabilitating children who had drifted on to the streets in the suburban area of Karen. These children all came from very impoverished backgrounds and were living desperate lives surviving on whatever they could find. The project was so successful in helping these children rebuild their lives and get back into education that there are now no street children in the area. The project now helps children who are selected on the grounds of family circumstance, level of destitution and high academic potential, to provide education opportunities through secondary school and college. To date 132 children have been helped. Governors’ has supported this charity from its inception with logistical support, apprenticeship training schemes (especially in our motor vehicle workshops in the Masai Mara), job opportunities and long term employment. Indeed amongst others, one of our trusted and university qualified accountants in head office has come through this scheme. It is a fantastic project which we are very proud to be allied with and will continue to support.

* Karen Street Children August 2012 News