Mfangano Island Camp

October at Mfangano Island Camp 2017

The start of the rains has everything looking fresh and crisp around lake Victoria, with late afternoon and evening showers having been prevalent and beautiful calm, serene mornings. The spotted necked otters seem to have been hanging around room number eight a lot recently and so we have had some fantastic sightings! And guests were delighted to have caught three Nile Perch on a fishing excursion around mid month.


Photo courtesy of Thor Karstad

The chickens we talked about in last month’s newsletter have arrived! Thirty layer chicks that currently are little more than cute bright yellow balls of fluff. It should be about six months from now before we start getting our first batch of delicious eggs.


Photo courtesy of Thor Karstad

This last month I have really been exploring the island by bicycle, for the highly anticipated December event “The Mfangano Cycle Challenge”. There is some absolutely fantastic riding all over the island and we intend to have several routes to chose from. From smooth flowy tracks around the circumference of the island to more challenging technical climbs and descents through the interior. Book your spots now for the weekend of the 9th December as space will be limited at the camp! For more details see our “Mfangano Island Cycle Challenge” Facebook page. Some of the proceeds are going to come very good causes across the Mfangano.

 mfangano cycle challenge

Photo courtesy of Thor Karstad

In other news, we have received our hanging chairs. They are looking fantastic overlooking the lake hanging from our giant fig tree. The perfect spot for a sundowner overlooking the lake. Now with the elections over, we hope to have some more guests over the quiet month of December, so please keep us in mind when you’re booking your next safari, get in touch with our office for booking your spot on the cycle challenge!

Thor Karstad, Mfangano Island Camp relief manager. 



Mfangano Island Camp

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