Loldia House

May at Loldia House 2017

Red Letter day!!!  On the afternoon and evening of the 28th of May Loldia had the most rain in one go 26mm!! A big celebration for us all.
There are one or two changes going on at Loldia namely two swing chairs are now in the garden and there are lights being put into the big Fig Trees. A trip up to the back of the farm was taken with the idea of potential picnic sights and further game drives. It has great potential but a lot of clearing of bush needs to be done and work has begun on this. This could prove a very attractive addition to the activities at Loldia. The top cottage has been completely renovated and is now ready to recieve our guests.  
Recent guest’s had two good night game drives with a very brief sighting of a leopard and good sightings of an aardvark and Hyena hunting. Two of the five giraffe have moved down to the House side of the farm and it has been just lovely to see them around. 
giraffe loldia house
Our guests have had successful trips to Lake Nakuru National Park where they have had good sightings of lion, rhino and giraffe and greater flamingoes. 
Other guests have been to Hell’s Gate and the Ol Karia Spa which is turning out to be a great success.
Guest’s were entertained by another guest who was here for three nights and played the piano beautifully – it was such a pleasure to hear our beautiful piano being played.   We had another couple here celebrating their 30th. Wedding Anniversary, we arranged sudowners by the lake for them on what turned out to be an incredibly calm and beautiful evening. 
Heather Wallington, Manager Loldia House  


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