Loldia House

Loldia House: May 2018

This month Loldia has had a total interior makeover! Our team and the team from White Elephant interiors has been very busy upgrading all sorts around the property: from curtains, couches, beds to lanterns – all in keeping with the theme of Loldia. There is still lots more to come, and by July, another container full of outdoor furniture and bigger pieces from Europe and Bali is due in to finish things off. The White Elephant team recently refurbished our property in Rwanda – Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge – and the results were spectacular! We hope you think the same of Loldia.

Photos courtesy of Alisa Bowen
Photos courtesy of Alisa Bowen

Meanwhile, we have started work on our swimming pool – strategically placed on the eastern upper side of the property, the pool will be out of the way but easily reached by our guests. The pool will overlook the lake and Mount Longonot: which will be framed by a giant iconic fig tree set in front of the pool. It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to take our first plunge come July! The pool will include a new spa, bathrooms and dining area as well as some comfy couches to chill out on after a days sightseeing and plenty of sunbeds!

Photo courtesy of Alisa Bowen

The lake has been rising and rising with all the rain! The result has been some beautiful pools on the front of the property, between the papyrus (the former edge of the lake) and us. The calm pools act as a safe haven for all kinds of species – in particular the birdlife which is simply spectacular! Pods of hippo have also moved in the the pools, which can be seen daily and heard throughout. Of course with all the rain, the flowers are in full bloom with a kaleidoscope of colours that dazzle you throughout the farm.

Photos courtesy of Alisa Bowen
Photo courtesy of Adam Bowen

Loldia is stilling wonderfully green, there has been over 260 mm of rain this month. May has been a very busy month with guests arriving from as far away as America, Brazil, Ukraine and New Zealand. On two occasions our guests have gone out on night game drives and have seen leopard which is a lovely treat.

There are 13 giraffe now resident on Loldia, one of which is very small, its always a joy to see the giraffe as they are very much free to come and go as they please. Four of our guest’s who visited Lake Nakuru National Park were treated to sightings of 11 rhino, a small pride of lion, huge herds of buffalo and the most beautiful male leopard. They were over joyed.

We look forward to welcoming you or your guests to our new look Loldia House!
Thor Karstad, Project Manager Governors Camp, Heather Wallington Manager Loldia House.



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