Masai Mara Projects

In the Masai Mara, we have many projects which we work hand in hand with the local community to protect this unique and wild area of Africa. We try to ensure that the community who neighbour the National Reserve see real benefits from tourism and are thus encouraged to participate in conservation. These have taken many different forms from our projects with the Mara Rianda Charitable Trust to develop the Mara Rianda Primary School and Aitong Schools, serving the local community, a renewable energy project at the local Masai Manyatta to provide biogas a carbon neutral source of energy to the Masai which has many tangible benefits including reducing deforestation and providing free energy to the community, our local tree planting project which has so far planted over 5000 indigenous trees, our zero waste and recycling project which recycles all recyclable camp waste and produces briquettes for camp fuel (in turn supporting a community project in Nairobi), our eye clinic restoring eyesight to Masai previously devastated by blindness, our Kenyan Kids on Safari project which seeks to introduce children from the community to the flora and fauna of the Masai Mara in a new way, to the Karen Street Children's project where we offer apprenticiship programs at our camps.

Mararianda School Program

Bordering the Masai Mara game reserve is a masai community called Mara Rianda. The community has one primary school, the Mara Rianda School. It was started by Masai parents who sold a few cattle to raise the necessary funds to build a few mud and wattle huts to educate their children. At the request of the local community Governors’ Camp Collection together with the BBC team from Big Cat Diary then got involved to help

Aitong School

All the work on the Mara Rianda School quickly made it one of the best schools in the area and the school was soon inundated with pupils. In order to relieve the pressure on the Mara Rianda School we have also started supporting the Aitong Primary School which is also situated outside the Masai Mara Game Reserve but a little further away towards the Aitong Hills.

Eye Clinic-Masai Mara

Governors’ Camp recently hosted a free eye clinic for the Masai Community in conjunction with the Kwale Eye Centre and AMREF. Eye disease which leads to poor eye sight and blindness is relatively common amongst the Masai communities living around the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Living in an area where there are lots of dangerous wild animals, blindness can be devastating for the Masai.

Governors’ Tree Planting Project

Elephants in their constant search for food knock down trees, it’s just something that they do….Often they will strip and eat a few branches of vegetation and then leave the rest of the tree to die. Over the years we have seen the Riverine forest of the Mara around the Mara river decline and shrink drastically. In an attempt to reverse this trend we have initiated a tree planting project.

Karen Street Children’s Trust

The Karen Street Children’s Trust was established in 1995 with the purpose of rehabilitating children who had drifted on to the streets in the suburban area of Karen. These children all came from very impoverished backgrounds and were living desperate lives surviving on whatever they could find. The project was so successful in helping these children rebuild their lives and get back into education that there are now no street children in the area.

Kenyan Kids on Safari

Governors’ Camp Collection supports the work of Kenyan Kids on Safari (KKOS). KKOS provides Kenyan children with the opportunity to join tourists, medical volunteers and others, while on safari and experience the wonder and uniqueness of their local wild environments. When local children participate in Kenya's renowned wildlife viewing, camping and other life skills, it enhances each child's personal development and self esteem.

Masai Manyatta Ticketing Project

Just outside the Masai Mara National Reserve is a Masai community called Mara Rianda. There is a traditional Masai homestead or Manyatta which consists of 48 traditional houses surrounding a cattle enclosure and 2 biogas plants installed by Governors’ Camp which provide the community with a renewable source of energy from their cattle manure. We encourage clients to visit this manyatta if they are interested in Masai culture to gain a unique perspective on the Masai and their way of life.

New Health Centre at Mara Rianda

In 2013 together with our partners we opened a new Health Centre at Mara Rianda just outside the Masai Mara National Reserve for our Masai community neighbours.This health facility has dramatically improved access to quality healthcare for the Masai community in the Mara Rianda area. We are very proud to be partners in this great venture.