Loldia House

March at Loldia House 2017

Over the past month we have welcomed back lots of repeat guests to Loldia, which has been lovely. We are waiting for the rainy season to begin at Loldia, we havent received the same rains that the mara has and the ranch is looking quite dry. The ranch management is supplementing the plains games diet with hay, maize waste, molasses and salt and we have had a a constant number of animals in front of the house most of the day.
Guests have been heading off to Lake Nakuru for day trips with a picnic breakfast and lunch. Our night game drives on the ranch have revealed sightings of Aardvarks.
Despite the dry season enduring the birding has still been fabulous. The fish eagles have been out on force, we currently have 5 pairs and 4 sub adults – making  14 in total. The wake up calls in the morning are something to hear, as the fish eagles call out from their nests. They are very loud and during the day all the birds seem to be singing. All this birdsong has been impressing both new and previous guests. 
Fish Eagle Loldia
Scotty is a lot better but very lame after his walk. I think it is also a matter of the years catching up on him. He is still the most friendly and lovable creature!
This month we did a day trip to the Aberdares with our driver guides. We left at 05.30 am arriving at the KWS gate by 8.00 a.m.  All the areas we passed though were quite dry and so were the actual Aberdare’s. We enjoyed a picnic breakfast at the Karuru falls which are the highest in the range and then we drove on to the Queens Cave which is a lovely picnic spot. We spent the day exploring the area, stopping to look at elephant, Buffalo, Bush Buck, Common (Bush) Duiker, Defassa WaterBuck, Coypo, Babboons, Sykes Money, several Colobus Money and the greatest thrill of all was the sighting of a Black Serval Cat..

Black Melanistic Serval Cat Abedares

The birding was also great and we managed to see Alpine Chats (Moorland Chat), Jackson Francolins (Endemic), Cinnamon Bee Eaters, White Eyed Slaty Flycatchers, Sand Martins, Little Swifts, Barn Swallows, Streaky Seed Eaters, Mountain Buzzards, Brown Snake Eagles and Aberdare Cisticolas (Endemic).    

We all really enjoyed this day trip, the views are spectacular and wonderful fresh clear air, and look forward to sharing it with our guests. 

Heather Wallington, Loldia House Manager. 


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