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Loldia House: February 2020

Loldia House, was quite literally, blooming in January and February this year! All the recent rain has left its mark with emerald green lawns, clear skies and early morning mist on the lake. The gardens are magnificent and alive with the chatter of busy birds and one is easily left mesmerised by the breath-taking views!

Photo credit Alisa Karstad

It really is an amazing time of year at our little retreat on the shores of Lake Naivasha; at the moment, we have loads of Purple Herons and masses of butterflies, in particular the ‘common whites’ species seem to be stealing the Sunday Show across our lawns and flower beds.

Photo credit Alisa Karstad

Up near the Loldia airstrip, there are quite a few baby Bat-eared foxes; it’s very interesting to watch these animals on night drives – poking their heads above the grass, on high alert for opportunity and danger. They have enormous ears which gives them an incredible sense of hearing; not only do these foxes pick up on sounds above ground – they can actually hear insects moving underground too!

A Bat-eared fox seen on a night drive – Photo credit Alisa Karstad

We are also seeing a large herd of buffalo and plenty of zebra and impala on the open plains area around Loldia Farm. This February, our guests were treated to the sighting of four Silver-backed Jackals and a Thompsons’s Gazelle kill.

Our night drives are as usual, a great success – even though one never knows what might be sighted. On top of everyone’s list is the elusive leopard – but there is a whole array of other nocturnal animals such as Aardvark, bush pigs, porcupines, genet cats, bush babies, spring hares, Bat-eared foxes, White tailed mongooses as well as a variety of night birds: Nubian Night Jars, Pearl Spotted Owlet and Spotted Eagle Owls. You will most likely see hippos going about their nighttime grazing, at least about 20 or so during the course of your drive.

Night drives are enhanced with our red filter spot lights – Photo credit Alisa Karstad

We have a brilliant boat in operation now – a newly refurbished, sixteen foot, mono hull with twin Yamaha 50-horsepower engines – able to take up to six passengers. Our guests have been enjoying boat rides along the lakeshore, a great vantage point for observing hippos and a multitude of bird species such as Pelicans, Storks, Gulls, Sun Birds, King Fishers even Ospreys and Marsh Harriers. It’s a good idea to head out early in the morning to catch the last bit of the sun rise.

Photo credits Alisa Karstad

Our February guests who headed off to Lake Nakuru National Park were treated to a rare sight of lions mating and even a leopard. How exciting for them! Other guests spotted a Black-necked Cobra between what is known as ‘Lion Hill’ and the Crossing as well as monitor lizards eating Tilapia fish around the Marsh area and a Leopard Tortoise crossing the road together with a number of Roller Dung Beetles – quite special to see some of the smaller wildlife too.

Our guests will stop off at Lake Elementeita on their way back from Nakuru National Park for sightings of both the Greater and Lesser species of flamingos in their thousands. One can also see large flocks of Yellow Billed Storks and a large herd of buffalo here.

With the recent cold months that we have had – everyone has been making the most of the cosy living room complete with hot drinks and a roaring log fire – the perfect spot to sit back and meet other guests and compare travel experiences. The snug bar area which is just off from the living is also proving to be a popular retreat for guests who would prefer a quieter space – it would seem that all our beautiful upgrades that were completed over the last couple of years have certainly paid as our visitors have been very complimentary on all aspects of Loldia House. One can understand why the original owners of Loldia built their house in this exact location, which is shaded by magnificent old fig trees and a spectacular view of Mt. Longonot across the lake.

Lovely Heather in February this year – Photo credit Alisa Karstad

By Heather Wallington, manager at Loldia House.



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