Mfangano Island Camp

July at Mfangano Island Camp 2017

It has been another busy and exciting month here on Mfangano with guests visiting the rock art sites, feeding the Fish Eagles, exploring the lake shores and getting involved with the community and Suba culture.

One of the highlights of the month was hosting the Weya family, born on the island and now prominent members of Nairobi society. Elisabeth celebrated her 50th birthday at their home in Wakula village which is approximately 3 kms from the camp. The VIP guests stayed with us for two nights and we assisted with the party preparations, catering and ferrying the 150 plus guests in what was surely the biggest celebration the island has seen in years complete with jet skis and a huge fireworks display. It was fantastic to introduce Nairobians to the island, many of whom had never heard of it. We now have regular commercial flights landing in the nearby Homa Bay airport so it is easier than ever to explore this countries hidden fresh water paradise.

mfangano island camp

Although the weather has been largely mild we have had some uncharacteristic storms in the past few weeks which have kept the island looking lush and green.

 mfangano island camp

The garden continues to come on leaps and bounds with the soil quality improving constantly and the sheer variation of crops produced in such a small area is phenomenal.

We continue to make delicious chilli sauce and have dried Basil, Coriander, Moringa and Thyme for sale in our gift shop as well as more Moringa and Lemon grass tea than you can drink!:)

Last season we started a Permaculture project at the local Kakrigu primary school which has been going very well and three of the older students took it upon themselves to start their own small garden, they chose their own site and did all the work themselves. The site they chose was close to a main footpath, severely eroded and too hard to dig which a caused passerby’s to mock them for wasting time. Their foresight and understanding of water management has in a few short months transformed this dusty patch of land into a fertile and productive system and many of the people who once doubted them are now asking to buy vegetables from them. We were so impressed with their enthusiasm, persistence and natural grasp of the basic permaculture ideals that we have invited them, along with 5 students from the Nyakweri primary school, for an intensive 4 day permaculture design course at the camp where they will become officially certified permaculturalists and help to spread the message of abundance across the island.

permaculture kenya

One of our boats ‘Balakwasi’ which has had a complete rebuild is a few days from being re-launched and we look forward to the traditional celebration ceremony.

At this time of year many of our guests come to Mfangano to spend a few lazy days after a safari at the Governors camps in the Mara where the migration is in full swing and have shared some great photos and memories with us.

August is typically our busiest month and we look forward to hosting and getting to know plenty of new faces in the coming weeks.

Miles McDonald, Mfangano Island Camp Manager. 



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