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Simply WOW!

Date of Stay: 
July 2014
Guest Name: 
We have just returned from an incredible 3 Night Safari experience at Little was simply WOW!! Our trip started with a very comfortable 1 hour flight from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to the Masai Mara with Governors Aviation. We were then brought to Little Governors by Jeep and then to cross the Mara River there was a small cute wooden boat waiting to take us across the river to Little Governors. We saw so many animals before we even arrived at our camp, amazing! At Little Governors there are 17 luxurious tents tucked around a large watering hole where there are zebra, hippos, buffalo, warthogs and waterbucks. At lunch time it was amazing to just sit and watch all the animals right in front of you at the watering hole and it was so peaceful. The food was delicious here and there was always a great choice to choose from, both lunch and dinner were 3 course meals!! I would recommend having your breakfast out during your Morning Game Drive which they call a Bush Breakfast, this enables you to stay out longer rather than returning to the camp for breakfast allowing more time to spot the animals before returning for lunch. Our game driver Collins was so friendly and warm and very knowledgeable throughout our safari, we learned so much from him. On our first afternoon game drive we got to see 4 of the Big Five, we were incredibly lucky!! We managed to see a leopard with a kill on our first game drive, we couldn't believe our luck, we were extremely close to it and fascinating to watch!! Our room attendant Anakilet was so lovely and friendly and took very good care of our tent. I also loved their way of doing their wake up call, Anakilet would arrive at our tent to kindly wake us with tea, coffee or hot chocolate and delicious short bread biscuits, I thought it was a lovely little touch, so simple but very effective! In the evening to go for dinner you were always accompanied by a guard to and from your tent as that is when the animals tend to start roaming around the camp. All the guards were just fantastic and made you feel so safe at all times. As Little Governors is more of an intimate setting with just 17 tents all the guests get to know one another which is lovely and after dinner you tend to gather round the camp fire sharing photos and videos of what you saw earlier in the day. Both Stanley who was our waitor and Joseph our barman, they were always smiling and very friendly but very professional at all times during our stay. I loved lying in bed at night time listening to all the different sounds of the animals and to hear the hippos at night making their way out of the watering hole and munching on grass alongside your tent, amazing!! George who is the manager was fantastic at mingling with all the guests at Little Governors, he really did make a big effort to engage with every guest making sure everything was okay and was always interested to hear upon returning from your game drive what you got to see. I noticed there to be a lot of repeat guests at Little Governors which says it all really. I cannot highly recommend Little Governors enough, a safari in the Masai Mara is a must on your bucket list and a stay at Little Governors is a must. This holiday was a trip of a lifetime and I can honestly say it is the wonderful, friendly people of Kenya that make Kenya such an amazing holiday destination to visit. Thank you for such an unforgettable experience at Little Governors!!