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We had the most wonderful time

Date of Stay: 
April 2015
Guest Name: 
I have to say that our family had the MOST wonderful time at your Camp. Your staff is absolutely professional and hospitable, they made our stay be nothing but magical. We tried to thank them but I don't think we did enough, Richard, Moses, James, the guard with the flashlight at night, the sweet lady (Rhoda?) that smiled non stop, the "Shisha fan club" (my baby's name is Luisa but we call her Shisha and this group of employees just made her feel like a movie star) at the reception desk. The wonderful staff that took care of our tent and the amazing food by the chef and his helpers. All of them were outstanding. Please pass our thanks, our family had the hardest time leaving a place full of adventures and warmth. James, our driver, was an absolute delight and he made my kids dreams come true. The girls gave him a list of the animals they wanted to see and he delivered most of them right away. The last one being the Cheetah and when he found it, boy my girls couldn't believe their eyes. Not only did he do it but he also answered every question they had regarding the animals, they habits and anything that could come to the mind of a 3,7 and 9 year old. As if that wasn't enough, when we arrived back in Nairobi, we had arrangements with a hotel that we booked on our own and were waiting for them to pick us up. After about 20 minutes, two of your staff members at the airport, noticed us and offered help. They took us back to your office and helped calling the hotel. At the end, the place we had booked seemed to have been a scam and your staff stayed with us and even helped us book a new place and found a private driver for us, so we could be safe on our last night in Nairobi. That meant the world to us, we are use to traveling on our own and the times we have done "all inclusive packages" have been just ok, because we don't have as much of the flexibility and freedpm that we like. But your company just made sure we had the trip that "we" wanted and even after we were all done, your employees were sure to take care of us, that is when we realized it isn't about the money, but that they really cared about their visitors and that made a huge impression. Sadly I only remember one of their names, Erick but there were two and they honestly made us feel safe and taken cared off. Thanks again for the wonderful services. The girls are making plans of buying that tent we stayed on and live there forever. They hope my husband takes a job as a driver and me as a maid :-)