Governors' Mugie House

Governors’ Mugie House – be inspired!

Things are really taking shape up at our latest property, Governors’ Mugie House, in preparation for the grand opening in April! On the 14th of January, several of our team from head office flew up to Mugie with Governors’ Aviation, to take a look at how it’s all coming along and we were delighted with the progress. Philip and Charlie Mason and the rest of the staff up there are working hard to ensure every little detail is taken care of. The tropical gardens are looking beautiful, complete with palms, bougainvillea, succulents, hibiscuses and aloes! There are plenty of birds enjoying the constant supply of blooming flowers.

The beautiful Mugie House gardens – photo credit Maia Kenworthy

There was so much to take in that it is hard to know where to start, in describing the place. But for me, the infinity pool really took my breath away in the evening light as it perfectly reflected the billowing clouds above us. On all our previous visits, the pool had been covered over to protect it from the building works, but to finally experience it in its glory was magical. I have no doubt that this will be a very popular place for our guests to spend many an hour.

Pool with a view – photo credit Will Fortescue

The cottages themselves are set far apart to ensure the total privacy of our guests. They are airy and spacious with high thatched roofs. Roaring log fires, deep bathtubs, lavish bath towels and crisp Egyptian Cotton bed linens bring a real sense of luxury to each room. The two Suites and the Family Cottage offer private plunge pools – perfect for a quick dip during the heat of the day!

A sneak peek of the exquisite cottage interiors – photo credit Will Fortescue

The entire frontage of each cottage is composed of “French” windows and doors which allow you to enjoy a panoramic view across the Laikipia landscape. To wake up and experience a seemingly endless expanse of Africa is a surreal moment indeed, and there are few places in the world, that I can think of where this is possible.

Private plunge pool – photo credit Will Fortescue

New staff members are undergoing training, including our full-time spa therapist who will be on hand to provide the same range of pampering treatments that we offer across all our properties. The chefs have attended cookery courses with Antonia Stogdale from Antonia’s Kitchen and we can assure you that the food here will be utterly delicious and wholesome! Our lovely barmen will be attending wine and cocktail training courses next month at Loldia House – with a mixology/sommelier professional who is coming up especially from South Africa to conduct the courses for us at a few of our properties.

Chef training with Antonia’s Kitchen – photo credit Antonia Stogdale

Delicious ‘sundowner’ bitings – photo credit Will Fortescue

The Mugie Conservancy, as with most of Kenya, has enjoyed plenty of rain in recent months. The long plains grasses are seeding and have reached full height. The Mugie Dam and other smaller bodies of water are full to the brim and all the herbivores certainly seem to be rather fat and happy with the bountiful supply of vegetation.

The Mugie Dam – some of the best sunsets here – photo credit Alisa Bowen

Baby elephant on Mugie Conservancy – photo credit Alisa Bowen

During the short drive from the airstrip to the house (approximately 20 minutes), we spotted the two cheetah brothers! We have realised they spend a great deal of their time on the plains below the house and it is always such a pleasure to see them. The waterhole in front of the house continues to attract a host of game throughout the day and night. We took some tea down to the purpose-built ‘hide’ late in the afternoon and took pleasure in watching the interaction between various animals, as well as the peace and tranquillity of that spot.

The ‘hide’ – watch the animals come and go at the waterhole – photo credit Will Fortescue

With a planned opening for early April 2020, Governors’ Mugie House will be the perfect addition to the Governors’ Camp Collection, expanding an already diverse array of wildlife locations and activities. I hope that you too will plan a visit soon, and be inspired by what can only be described as a stunning property set within one of Kenya’s key conservation areas.

By Alisa Bowen, Guest Experience Manager, Governors’ Camp Collection.

DIVERSITY OF EXPERIENCE: Governors’ Mugie House video – click HERE for a quick snap shot of some of the activities and wildlife Mugie has to offer!



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