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Governors’ celebrates 50 Years of Exceptional Safari Experiences.

Governors’ Camp Collection, the multi-award-winning safari company, has been at the forefront of luxury safaris in Kenya and Rwanda since its founding by Aris and Romi Grammaticas 50 years ago.  Now an integral part of the renowned Wilderness Safaris group, Governors’ is celebrating its 50th year.

The early days: Aris and Romi Grammaticas in the Masai Mara.

To commemorate this milestone, the collection has launched a Golden Anniversary campaign that invites travellers to explore its portfolio of camps and lodges through a series of limited edition 50 Year Experiences and Offers.

Established on banks of the Mara River in 1972, Governors’ Camp was the beginning of a dream that would grow into some of the most sought-after safari camps and lodges in the world.

Governors’ Camp occupies the best wildlife viewing location in the Reserve.

Over the last five decades, Governors’ have hosted and thrilled countless clients including presidents and princesses and worked consistently with their community neighbours to bring essential services in return for a commitment to conserve the unique environment in which both live and operate. It’s been a successful model that countless others have followed and emulated.

“When my Father and Mother created the camps, they wanted to share the thrill of a safari under canvas with an ambience of service excellence and elegance, while preserving the natural environment and being committed to the local community,” says Dominic Grammaticas, Managing Director of the Governors’ Camp Collection.  “These founding principles are still at the core of our values five decades later.”

Dominic Grammaticas

Dominic Grammaticas, MD of Governors’ Camp Collection. 

Reasons to celebrate Governors Camp Collection Golden Anniversary:

Pioneering the perfect safari adventure.

Governors’ Camp was the first permanent luxury tented camp in Kenya 50 years ago, remaining in its original site on the banks of the Mara River.  Since then we have been a pioneer in classic safaris both in Kenya and Rwanda, dedicated to creating the ultimate African safari experience.  Today the collection proudly stands at seven exceptional properties, each unique and special.  We have won numerous awards and accolades over the years.

Experience the Marsh Pride of lions on safari with Governors’.

Inspiring locations across East Africa.

All Governors’ properties are in prime locations – designed to put you in the heart of the action. From Governors’ Camp, Little Governors’, Private Camp and II Moran all perfectly located in the premium wildlife area of the Masai Mara, to Loldia House in the Great Rift Valley and overlooking Lake Naivasha, to Governors’ Mugie House positioned in the pristine wilderness of Laikipia in northern Kenya and Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge adjacent to Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, the home of the endangered mountain gorilla, each property is perfectly situated to enable our clients to make the most of their precious time on safari

Explore the Great Rift Valley from Loldia House.

A ‘cast of characters’ awaits you at Governors’.

Whilst on safari with Governors’, our clients will meet a ‘cast of characters’ like no other.  From driver guides with unparalleled knowledge, a wonderfully experienced team including second and even third generation staff there to take care of you whilst on safari, to wildlife such as the fabled Marsh Pride of lions and our very own Blossom the elephant, the ‘cast of characters’ our clients meet whilst with us enrich, enliven and inform the safari experience.

Blossom the elephant and staff at Governors’ Camp.

Community and Conservation is a main focus.

For decades we have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of our community neighbours.  We have built or funded schools, clinics, roads, water systems and power to people who otherwise lack such basic services.  In return we have asked only that they recognise and protect the unique wilderness areas that we both live in.  As such, we have an enviable record of uplifting and improving the lives of those on whom conservation primarily depends.

Mara Rianda Primary School is supported by the Mara Rianda Charitable Trust, with Governors’ facilitating much of the construction and development work.

A diversity of signature experiences.

The Governors’ Camp Collection’s exceptional locations all deliver incredibly diverse wildlife viewing opportunities.  With Governors’ you can visit the open savannas of the Masai Mara, the lakes and volcanoes of the Great Rift Valley, the wide open spaces of the Laikipia plateau and the natural home range of the Mountain Gorilla.  No other group offers such variety nor such a combination of unique safari experiences.

Enjoy sightings of rare and endangered wildlife species from Governors’ Mugie House.

To celebrate the company’s Golden Anniversary, Governors’ Camp Collection experts have selected iconic experiences representing the past five decades for the most Exceptional Safari Experiences.



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