Visit the Pokot

A unique cultural experience



Guests staying at Governors’ Mugie have the unique opportunity to visit the Pokot to learn about the traditions and customs of this colourful tribe who are part of the Kalenjin community. The Kalenjin are highland Nilotes originating from southern Ethiopia who migrated southward into Kenya as early as 2,000 years ago.

Watch highly adorned women carry out vibrant song and dance while an elderly lady prepares cloth out of a goat hide. Meanwhile, a village elder demonstrates the art of fire making by rubbing two pieces of wood of different hardnesses together and other men play a fast-paced game of ‘bao’ in the sand.

You are also welcome to take a peek inside one of their homes and understand the importance of gourds; how they are made and the way in which they are used to store milk. This is a truly fascinating experience and should not be missed.


Other things to note:

The village is located roughly 35 minutes away from Governors’ Mugie.

A village guide will be on hand to share information about the Pokot culture and customs and will act as a translator to ensure guests get as much enjoyment as possible out of their visit.

There is no set time limit for the visit, but generally guests spend around an hour with the Pokot.

Guests are welcome to capture as many photos as they like.

This visit can be made either as an alternative or in addition to visiting the Samburu Village.  Both visits should be booked in advance and have a set donation amount of KES 15,000 (approximately USD 100 exchange rate depending).