Nyange Community Walk

This walk has been designed to show you the many aspects of Rwandan village life.


Volcanoes National Park Safari

You will be escorted by a Sacola guide through the Nyange community; about half an hours drive from the lodge. There are many activities on offer here to you, such as a visit to see a local iron smith, a banana-beer brewer, a mat weaver, and a carpenter all at work in their respective homes. You will be welcomed into a local home to watch how traditional Rwandese food is prepared and are then welcome to sample the dishes!

There are many other interesting stops on route from a tree nursery, a health clinic, a sacola village and a Twa village that will welcome you with an asortment of vibrant song and dance. All of these initiatives are directly supported by the lodge through our community trust, SACOLA, to try and improve the livlihoods of the local communities in the surrounding areas.

The cost for the walk is US$30 per person and this includes the cost of a SACOLA guide.