Lion Tracking on Mugie



In order to reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict both within and beyond the conservancy boundaries; Mugie Conservancy have collared three lionesses in three different prides in order to monitor their prides’ movements and better understand where predator-livestock interactions occur; that can potentially lead to human-wildlife conflict incidents.

Guests can head out with their Governors’ Mugie guide and our lion-tracking equipment to look for the collared lions.  This is a perfect opportunity to learn how modern technology is being used by wildlife conservancy teams to mitigate conflicts between herders and lions. Guests are also encouraged to pay a visit to the Mugie Conservancy Headquarters to see the live tracking data on a big screen in the rangers control room. This data is used to update the herders on the whereabouts of the lions in order that they can navigate their livestock through safer areas that avoid the lions. This work was implemented in partnership with Lion Landscapes and The Kenya Wildlife Service.

Please note, the topography and simple equipment mean that tracking can be challenging and not always 100% successful in finding the lions.