Guided Bush Walks

Get up close with nature on a foot safari and experience the untamed beauty of the Laikipia region.



Walking in the wilderness offers a much deeper and far more immersive safari experience than simply driving around in a vehicle; guests literally get their feet on the ground and feel much more in touch with nature.

Being out of a car will allow you to enjoy some of the smaller creatures that inhabit this incredible ecosystem – learn all about them and their importance from your guide. A walking safari with an armed Professional Guide also affords you the exciting opportunity to approach and view larger wildlife on foot.

Safety is of paramount importance on any activity involving wildlife or other external factors, and the purpose of our safety briefing is to equip and inform guests so that they feel relaxed and comfortable enough to enjoy the walk.

During the walk, your guide will point out different animal sounds, smells, tracks and spoor as well as a variety of invertebrates, plants and their medicinal uses. Take the opportunity to stop, catch your breath and hear about the fascinating, interconnected world of the flora and fauna that surrounds you.

As you track game, you will catch the scents and sounds of this African wilderness; ready to uncover whatever it is that awaits you around the next corner. At the end of the walk, sit down to a sumptuous ‘bush breakfast’ complete with a glass of bubbly – or a sundowner depending on what time of day your walk takes place – followed by a leisurely game drive back to Governors’ Mugie.

Please note that participants in a walking safari should be in good physical health. There are no paths as such and some parts of the walk lead through hilly and rocky areas. Children under 16 years are, for safety reasons, not allowed to participate in walking safaris. Please ensure that you wear a sunhat and sunscreen and carry your filled water bottle with you on the walk.