Climbing Mt M’Gahinga

At around 3400m, Mt M’gahinga is the smallest of the six volcanoes in the Virunga Rage.


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As from January 2010, the trail leading to the summit crater is open again to visitors. Compared to the other volcanoes in the Virungas, Mt M’Gahinga makes a pleasant climb and has several interesting features like its volcanic caves. The climb takes you first through bamboo forest on the base before you climb the slopes of the volcano.

The crater of Mt M’Gahinga is quite shallow and its floor is covered in swamps and moors where plants like Alchemillia, Senecio and Lobelia thrive. The environment on Mt M’Gahinga is quite different from the other volcanoes in the national park.

Important information

The trek

The hike up Mt M’Gahinga will typically take a half to a full day depending on the strength of the climbers and the time spent at the summit. The trek starts at 07:00am from the park headquarters in Kinigi, from where visitors will have to drive or be driven to the base of the volcano.


The Park fees for the climb are currently USD$ 75 per person which includes the park guide. Permits can be purchased on the day of the climb, no advance booking is necessary and porters can also be hired for the trek.