Buhanga Sacred Forest

Buhanga Sacred Forest is a true hidden gem. Despite its small size (around 31 hectares) the forest is a site of tremendous ecological importance and astonishing beauty.


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The forest takes on a different dimension depending on the time of day, season of year and weather conditions. Visitors walk beneath the cover of tall majestic trees and are rewarded by the sights of many different birds and colourful butterflies.  A surprising network of trails made entirely from cut lava stones crisscrosses the forest and leads to various observation platforms and enables visitors to easily discover what the forest has to offer. The patches of open and closed forest provide excellent opportunities for watching  the usually secretive birds and enjoying the almost magical atmosphere.

The best time to visit the forest is in the early morning or late afternoon when the birds are at their most active and the birdsong fills the air. Current park entry fees are USD$ 40 per person (includes the compulsory park’s guide). Visitors are requested to book the trip the day before at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge as permits need to be obtained through the Park’s Headquarters at Kinigi. If you would like to visit the Forest then please advise the manager who will make the necessary arrangements