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Elephant born at Governors Camp!

Governors Camp is famous for its location and for the abundance of wildlife very close to camp and for the wildlife that wanders through camp unfettered. But we had an extraordinarily special night this month as an elephant gave birth to a tiny calf amongst our plains tents at Governors Camp. This happened at about 3.30am and then the herd of females and tiny calf moved right next to tent 33 where they remained for the rest of the night. We had guests staying in tent 33 that night so you can imagine what an exciting night and morning they had. When day break finally came they got their first glimpse of the tiny baby right beside the tent.

 elephant birth

The females remained around the tents protecting the calf on its new wobbly legs.

 elephants at Governors camp

elephant birth

The elephant family had been visiting the camp every day in the week leading up to the birth, perhaps sensing the event was nearing and the camp was a safe space for them to be:

Here’s some film of one of the family members in camp in the week before the birth

And in the days and weeks since the family has been visiting the camp on a daily basis often arriving in time for our guests breakfast:

Here’s some film of the family and baby visiting the camp at breakfast time

Or early keeping our guests and staff stuck happily in their tents!

Here’s some film of the elephant family keeping Abi stuck in her tent – Part 1 and the next day Part 2



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