Do I need a visa to visit Kenya as a UK citizen?

If you’re visiting Kenya from the UK, you’ll need a visa. There are three types of visas available – the Single Entry Visa, the Transit Visa, and the Courtesy Visa. For those coming to enjoy natural delights of Kenya, the Single Entry visa is what you need to have – the other two are for travelling through the country and visiting on official state business. 


What’s the process for getting a visa? 

Visas can be applied for beforehand either online via Evisa or in person at the Kenya High Commission in London. If you arrive at the airport without one, don’t worry – you can get one in the airport when you arrive. 


What documents do I need for the Visa?

If you’re coming to Kenya for tourism, you’ll need to upload or supply just a few documents: a travel itinerary, hotel bookings, a clear passport bio-page, and an ID photo. Remember – your passport must have at least 6 months until its expiry date before you travel, and you must be able to prove that you have a return ticket. 


How long does it take to process the visa? 

If you apply online, allow at least 2 business days. The waiting time for a visa in the airport varies, depending on how long the queues are. If you’ve filled out the paperwork distributed on the airplane you should be able to get one in a matter of minutes at passport control but allow additional time in case of long queues.

How much does the visa cost? 

The cost of a Single Entry Visa is currently 51 USD

Are there any other requirements? 


There aren’t any official regulations regarding vaccinations for UK citizens travelling to Kenya, but the UK government makes recommendations. It advises most travelers to check that they’ve been vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Polio, Tetanus, and Typhoid. You’re likely to have already received these vaccinations through the NHS’s standard vaccination scheme, so there’s no need to worry. If in doubt, check your medical records. 


A visit to Kenya will bring memories to last a lifetime. Getting your visa arranged before you come will save you time and hassle while travelling so you can enjoy everything that’s on offer in this fantastic country. 


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