Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

December at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge 2018

A lot of November and the first half of December were spent in a haze of builder’s dust and amidst acres of damp cement and wet paint while we gave Sabyinyo a bit of tender loving care. We worked on plumbing and wiring and painted from cornice to skirting board. The first lorry arrived with a container of new fittings and fixtures from England in the middle of a torrential afternoon rainstorm. Then the next with new and some lovely antique furniture arrived a day or so later in a glorious sunny morning.

We have had a steady stream of hardy guests who were prepared to put up with the building work to enjoy the gorillas at their best. Glorious mornings for the trekking and then gentle afternoons by the fire relaxing or revisiting the photos of the days adventure.

All too quickly the deadlines were upon us and somehow the cheerful building crew made way for the regular staff and the furniture found its new home and the fittings fitted in their places. The lovely Eliza arrived to take some initial pictures of the refurbishments and like everyone had to dodge rainclouds to ‘grab’ the moments of sparkling sunshine to produce a set of photos to use for our marketing. The end result is just lovely, Sabyinyo is looking new, fresh, totally different and we are just so delighted with the results. All the areas from the guest cottages to the main building have a whole new look and feel and we hope our guests and travel partners will like it as much as we do! 

sabyinyo silverback lodgesabyinyo silverback lodgesabyinyo silverback lodge

One of our guests who visited early in December and enjoyed a village walk was so taken by the magic of a single solar light in a village home that on her return to London and on seeing the commercialism of Oxford St Christmas lights, decides to raise some money to donate 100 solar lights to our poorer neighbours. The spirit of Christmas was ignited and her efforts exceeded her wildest dreams and we will be distributing over 300 solar units to all the villagers around us.

2018 is upon us and we look forward to welcoming guests old and new into our refurbished lodge and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do…

Philip & Charlie Mason, Managers Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. 


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