Loldia House

December at Loldia House 2018

Loldia has had a very busy festive season, we hosted lots of big family groups with us to celebrate Christmas and New Year. The ranch is drying out and we have nightly sightings of lots of hippo close to the house. One lone wildebeest has appeared on the ranch and the family of giraffe come and go. The birding continues to be good with plenty of resident fish eagles, sunbirds and all the waterbirds and the arrival of the migrants most notably this month the swallows and the Marsh Harriers. We have also had sightings on a leopard close to the house. 

loldia hippos
Photo by Gary Hopcraft
Lake Nakuru National Park is full of flamingoes, with millions of them seen on the lake and at quite close quarters. Our guests have also been enjoying great lion, rhino and giraffe sightings at Lake Nakuru National Park and enjoying the wonderful views across the lake from the baboon cliffs. 
There are also plenty of flamingoes on Lake Ol Oldian as well as hippos, pelicans and cormorants and our guests have had some lovely boat trips here. 
loldia water birds
Photo by Gary Hopcraft
We have also been taking guests up to Eburu Forest Reserve. Eburu is part of Mau Eburu forest ecosystem a vital water tower for Kenya. The Mau Eburu forest covers the slopes of Mount Eburu, a geologically active volcano which stands tall above Lake Naivasha. Efforts are underway to protect the Eburu forest and this so far has centered around the construction of a 43 km electric fence which surrounds the forest and mountain. The fence has protected the forest from illegal charcoal burning and clearing of forest land and poaching and in turn has also protected farmers whose land borders the forest from wild animals. Eburu is also home to the critically endangered mountain bongo, which is endemic to Kenya. The conservation of the bongo goes hand in hand with the preservation of the Eburu forest. Efforts are also underway to create and maintain a wildlife corridor between Eburu and Lake Naivasha and Loldia ranch, as is borders both Eburu and the Lake plays a critical role on this front. Visitors to the forest also play a crucial role in the preservation of the forest and there are a series of tracks and trails through the forest where visitors can explore the forest by car or by foot accompanied by one of the forest rangers. There are lovely views from Eburu down to Lake Naivasha and across the Great Rift Valley. Colobus and Sykes monkeys leap from tree to tree and bushbuck appear at the forests edge. When the day heats up the caonpy of the indigenous trees provides a lovely cool place to walk where you might even catch a glipmse of the Golden Winged Sunbird. We are exploring Eburu more and more to see how we can both support the ongoing conservation work happening here and share this amazing and vital forest ecosystem with our guests. 
Photo courtesy of Chris Roche. 


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