Covid-19 testing

We are pleased to offer Covid-19 testing arrangements for our guests to make life easier while on safari!

Currently Covid-19 testing is not generally required for traveling. If infections should resurge and testing becomes mandatory again, our team has extensive experience in arranging this efficiently for our guests.

With a qualified medical doctor stationed in the Masai Mara as part of our staff, at Governors’ we are uniquely positioned to organise in-camp PCR testing for our Masai Mara guests, meaning extra nights in Nairobi at the end of a safari may not be necessary. We are, however, not able to certify a Rapid (Lateral Flow) test if this is what is required. This has to be done via a recognised laboratory in Nairobi and an ‘in house’ test can be arranged in Nairobi, if required

We can also organise testing to be done at Loldia House and Governors’ Mugie – please discuss this with your reservations consultant who will be able to advise on the costs.

The logistics of testing are key, as there are strict testing protocols to be met as well as meeting the testing timeframe requirements for Kenya and our guests’ resident countries. Testing kits are obtained from our partner labs in Nairobi, sampling is done in camp and the samples are then transported back to Nairobi by plane where possible. If a plane is not available, then the samples are transferred by road to ensure it meets the 24hr window of sample delivery to the lab.

While making your booking with us, we’ll work with you to plan around the timeframe requirements and your itinerary.

Results are received via email, as a digital and printable certificate, and via SMS, and will be certified with the new Trusted Traveller Certification Code required by Kenyan health authorities.

We have established relationships with several authorised and trusted laboratories and operators offering PCR-testing, with services such as 24hr turnaround for results. Please discuss your itinerary and testing requirements with your consultant at the time of booking.