Zeb & Effie

We are proud to have recently partnered with this unique brand that specialises in making handmade rewear clothing, while at the same time supporting women from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The project is committed to uplifting and empowering disadvantaged women in Kenya by providing them with a set of highly specialised skills required to make high-end, sustainable, safari-chic fashion apparel.  The project is very much in keeping with our core community support values. Zeb & Effie safari-chic clothing and accessories will be available in the boutiques in Governors’ properties from June 2021.

If you would like to pay a visit to the Zeb & Effie workshop based in the Karen area of Nairobi during a day-stop in the capital you can book this through your travel agent or one of our reservations team. The workshop is open between 2pm and 5pm on weekdays and would make a nice addition to your itinerary.  You can browse the collection and purchase a one-of-a kind piece of clothing or jewellery right from the source.

We will be sharing more information on their work and how you can help to support them in due course, but in the meantime you can follow them via their Instagram account. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you all.