‘Seedballing’ with Governors’

Help us ‘re-green’ degraded areas of the Masai Mara simply by throwing handfuls of little charcoal-covered ‘seedballs’ from our hot air balloon flight!

Much of the unique riverine forest that lines the banks of the Mara River has been lost over the past few decades due to a combination of factors including, tree disease, river bank erosion and increased grazing pressure from herbivores as large as elephants to ones as small as dik diks. Our flight path at Governors’ Balloon Safaris is unique amongst hot-air balloon operators in the Masai Mara, as the prevailing winds tend to take us right along the river’s winding course.

We have partnered with Seedballs Kenya, and are delighted to be able to offer guests the opportunity to throw seedballs containing the seeds of the African wild olive tree from our balloons. By actively selecting suitable sites from the air we can make a difference in helping to give these plants the best chance at reclaiming their native habitat and restoring biodiversity along the river.

We at Governors’ provide the seedballs.  A USD5 donation is requested to be made by the guest which we will pass onto Eburru Rafiki; a grass-roots organisation working to actively plant indigenous trees in the Eburru Forest. Their work is important to us since the Mau Forest Complex, to which Eburru belongs, forms part of the water-catchment area which feeds the Mara River. Each envelope of seedballs will be provided to guests in a biodegradable, elephant dung paper envelope; that itself comes from an NGO group supporting women’s crafts whilst offsetting carbon emissions.